Tutor feedback – Assignment one ‘Square mile’

Expressing Your Vision Assignment 1 -New

So after an anxious wait I received my ‘Square mile’ feedback from my tutor. Whilst it wasn’t really great it was also not as bad as I had thought it might be so a small sigh of relief from me. This is a major learning curve and I have realised just how rusty I am but on looking back on my images I somewhat agree with some of the feedback.

I did two collections of images rather than one but this was because I was so unsure of myself, my ability and what I was submitting. I need to stick to the brief and take ownership of my final selections and not allow self-doubt in the future.

I did consider the sequence of the photos as I was showing the childhood images from younger years to teens, and in the river series I showed it from the industrial river flowing through the town to the manicured gardens on the other side of town but obviously I did not convey this very well in my images.

Some of the images were centred, although the pipe photo I thought worked best in this composition but the rope I agree was too centred, I did try to retake this but the rope was gone! Looking back there are a few I would remove, such as the weir, I cannot get myself into a position to improve the angle and it does seems more of a ‘snap shot’.

I am not too sure on how I can improve on the presentation unless I perhaps do not show them on my blog as individual images but maybe as a collection of images.

Personal voice is the one I struggle most with, I am still trying to find my own personal voice and I am really lost on this one. I do know what I am trying to convey but as for my personal voice I am hoping I will discover it in time. It is there, I am sure, but I need to scratch a bit deeper and a sense of my own personal self should hopefully achieve this. This is why I am on this journey, to recapture my past creativity and find ‘myself’ in the process.

I also agree that my observations were not very in-depth but this is a style that I am working on and sometimes I find that I do not read into things as much as others. I am a very insular person and it is new territory trying to put into words what I observe. I am also a believer of plain talking, some of books I have tried to read have lost me on the first page!

I will look forward to revisiting this assignment once I have completed the coursework modules to see if I can improve on it.