Research Point

Do your own research into some of the photographers mentioned in this project.
Look back at your personal archive of photography and try to find a photograph that could be used to illustrate one of the aesthetic codes discussed in Project 2. Whether or not you had a similar idea when you took the photograph isn’t important; find a photo with a depth of field that ‘fits’ the code you’ve selected. The ability of photographs to adapt to a range of usages is something we’ll return to later in the course.
Add the shot to your learning log and include a short caption describing how you’ve re-imagined your photograph.


I took this images quite a few year ago, I was fascinated by the tall trees and the patterns they made. This fits the aesthetic code of flattening the image. By brain knows these are trees and that they are anything but flat however the angle I have used , looking directly upwards, has removed the depth from the image.

I see this image in two ways , I either feel compelled to tilt my head upwards with a sense of dizziness or I explore the flat spider like pattern of the branches.


The same trees at a different angle, this image also has a flatness to it yet we can still sense depth because our brain relates to what we are seeing.