Assignment 5 is in the post, a little heavier than usual as I included some of the objects mounted onto graduate mount boards. It would have been ok if I had sent it second class but I was running a tad behind so had to pay a bit more to get it there for tomorrow’s deadline.

Now the wait to see if my tutor thinks it’s acceptable and for any re-works needed.

After this comes the review of all my assignments, re-works and grammar checks ready for Novembers assessment.

In the midst of all this I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of context and narrative.

Playing with presentation

I have decided to trim all the prints as they were not quite central but I also wanted to think about how to include some of the objects from the flat, or at least the smell!

Photo 05-07-2017, 13 35 53Oops I just noticed, I laid one out upside-down!

I boxed the prints up with some of the objects and I must say after just a week the prints are taking on a bit of the whiff, but not quite enough. I could mount some of the items on mounts and backing board but I thought I would first play around with the moving box idea, after all the tenant has been moved on. It works ok but I think assessors might not really want to spend the time going through the box, but it does add an element of feeling and experiencing the objects. You get the smell as well as the understanding of just how thick the paint layers were!

Then I experimented with a book idea although I would need to present the images differently (this was just to test out the idea). I quite like this, I could even add some text if I choose to or perhaps an introduction at the beginning and a reflectional review at the end. It would mean reprinting my images but then that brings a new problem in that if I change the format from diptych’s then I need to select less.  Or if I put two images to a page or on opposite pages would this still count as a diptych? The smell is still present in the book and the layers can be touched so it does work well.

I am trying to understand my instinct to include the objects as I do not always explain my intuitive decisions. The images can stand alone as a set successfully however I want the viewer to have a piece of the experience too, if it was in a gallery I could darken the space so that the limitation of vision exists, I could add a scent to the room but without a space to orchestrate I am trying to think of ways an assessor could get that same experience. When I walked into the flat I was struck but three main things first… The décor, the smell and the darkness. I suppose as a set of images it is actually only the smell that is missing, I have tried to photograph the décor and the darkness, so now to ponder if I need to add them at all?

Prints have arrived!

My prints arrived in the post today and it has confirmed my decision to go with the diptych’s. The only disappointment is that they are off centre slightly, so do I trim these to centre them? They are printed 8 x 10 so there is also a lot of space top and bottom as I could not order a panoramic without going into poster size! I chose to try out DS Colour Labs and although the print quality and finish is fine I am not keen on the minute border, this could also be why I favoured the diptychs as the border was not right, with Loxley’s I specify at least half an inch.


*Note to self if I use them again instead of Loxley’s I must add my own border in light room. I wanted to try them out as the cost difference is quite noticeable.

I think as they are off centre I will trim them up, if my tutor feedback is not positive on this then I will get them reprinted and ensure they are centred. Now I just need to check my guillotine is working ok before I butcher them!



Well I have ordered the prints as white background diptychs to test them out, once they are tangible I might feel at ease with my choice. I have (Sneakily) also ordered just the images of the flat as my plan B. I will report back once I have held them and laid them out.

I still have this idea bobbing around in my head about presenting the objects? Placing them in a miniature removal box alongside the images, obviously this would only be the smaller items, I don’t think the OCA would be too pleased to receive a dartboard! With this presentation I am thinking it would give the sense of moving on rather than dying (which one peer reviewer seemed to think), it would also add the element of the smell.

It’s odd how I keep coming back to wanting my images to be more than sight alone, perhaps because people around me seem to all have at least one sense missing so their others are heightened. My husband cannot smell or taste, my mother cannot hear or speak, my father is going deaf with age as well as my father in law who also has diminishing eyesight.

Now , while I wait for my images, I had better return to complete the exercises in part 5 as I leapt ahead with the assignment whilst I had the opportunity.

Diptych’s on a white background?

The white background takes the emphasis away from the object images however I’m not sure if I like the images of the flat against the white? Perhaps they need to be cropped as diptych’s to look more panoramic?

Perhaps the DVD’s are too obvious? I could replace these with a piece of paint that had come away from the wall, it was so enriched with layers it was as stiff as cardboard!



Mixed response

Having asked for peer review in the forum and on the face book page I have mixed responses. Overall the comments are positive for both the images and the content, one positive is that the feeling of the person was picked up in the images of the flat and in one case they described this person (the tenant) to perfection. One negative was that the zoom images do not add anything and strangely the more I view the slide show the more I have realised I don’t need them, I had thought that they would illustrate the state of mind of the man who had lived there however I’m not sure they sit well together.

There are mixed reviews on the ‘sterile’ images, some feel that they snap them back between the images and offer a stark contrast, some don’t understand why they are there. Then there is the content of these, are the DVD titles too obvious in spelling it out to people, do they inform rather than let you make your own minds? I simply liked the irony that DVDs with titles such as these were in the tenants belongings. He didn’t actually own very much and I wanted to use the sterile images as a type of study into what his possessions said about him.

I will group the images without the sterile squares and see how they look, then I will see if I can put them in Diptychs together to see how that looks…so many options!


Peer review – Selections

I have not yet narrowed down my selections enough yet to get to a final 10. This is proving more difficult because I have both the images taken at the flat and the white background  / clinical images of the objects.

I thought I would look at the slide show option to see if it gave the feeling of walking through the flat, I am hoping viewers can get a sense of the person that lived there.

My next task is to put this to peer review on the forum and see what feedback I get.

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