Note to Assessors:

Welcome to my blog for Level 1 Expressing your vision. I have included a navigation page within my printed documents , in brief, it is as follows:

There are three main menus above; Coursework, Assignments , Research & reflection

Under these menus there are further sub menus which will lead you to exercises, assignments (Planning, submissions, tutor reports and re-works), Exhibitions and books.

Self Evaluation:

I have chosen to submit all of my assignments for expressing your vision in hard copy including prints, a contents list is included with my submission.

I think that my progression throughout the module is clear to see, I have developed my technical skills as well as grown creatively. I started this course with no technical skill or training and it has been quite some time since I studied last so this was a huge learning curve. My lack of confidence and belief in myself was an obstacle that I have tried to overcome.

In my first assignment I lacked commitment in making my final selections and although on reflection some of the images were strong the set was not as cohesive as it could have been. My tutor feedback was of a similar view and I re-looked at the selections of the set and amended my selections to strengthen them.
I moved onto to my second assignment with some trepidation but the exercises leading up to it had strengthened my technical skills and I felt more confident in my final selections and was pleased with the outcome. My tutors feedback was much more positive with this assignment and no re-works were required.
The exercises have continued to develop my skills and I have experimented more with styles of photography that I had not tried before. Assignment three was an example of this and I found that I really enjoyed taking street photography images. I had a change in tutors at this point however my new tutor was very positive but much more detailed in her feedback so I was able to see the improvements I needed to make, most of my weaknesses are around technical skill and focusing. I re-worked the final submission to include images with better focus.
In assignment four I experimented more with creativity and explored different equipment such as lighting and scanners, I also experimented with alternative presentations. This was my most challenging assignment as it was such a large learning curve which I think with perseverance paid off. Overall my feedback was positive with a few suggestions on including more explanation regarding my choices and my thought processes.
Assignment five has been my favourite so far as I became emotionally attached to the work I was submitting. I felt I used all of my newly learnt skills and yet I was extremely challenged due to the lack of light in which to work. I was relieved to receive such positive feedback from my tutor and it was interesting that the observations she
made regarding my selections were not things I had noticed. I had chosen the final images instinctively and had not realised that I had applied a different rule to one image. I have re-worked my final selection to keep the set more coherent.
My journey in this level from start to finish feels vast, I have grown in confidence and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. I am continuing to work on my areas of weakness which is my technical understanding and ability and ensuring I try to focus correctly. I am moving on to the next module ‘Context and Narrative’ with a better understanding and hopefully more confidence.





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