Decisive moment re-work sets

The original set:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:


3 thoughts on “Decisive moment re-work sets

  1. Personally I like option 2 and option 4. Option 4 has a stronger statement. 50%off goes well with the woman turning out of a kiss she looks uncomfortable with.

    Option 2 has two decisive moments which I also like. The woman in the sunglasses staring at you as you take the photo of the couple kissing – is in my mind her capturing your decisive moment.

    I like your series.


    1. For some reason I cant bring myself to like the image in Option 4, I keep thinking of Ian Beale for some strange reason (not that I even watch Eastenders!) and I cant seem to shake it lol. I do like option 2 but wonder if its too cliché?

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