Assignment three – ‘The decisive moment’ re-work

Again this was another assignment where I continued to try something new and go outside of my comfort zone and I actually rather enjoyed it. Following feedback which on the whole was positive there are a number of shots which are not quite as well focused (Below)

The only shots that I captured of the person with the cigarette are below; the only image in which they are in focus is the first one where they are lighting their cigarette, I was planning on capturing the exhale of smoke but instead they spun their head to glare at me just as I clicked the button! I really like the image of them glaring so I am reluctant to omit this one. I really felt like it met the brief as all elements collided to get the shot and there is a connection between the subject and the photographer that cannot be captured again.

And again the only shots I had of the man taking the photo are below; the man taking the photo is not in focus in any of them and in the last image the man in the background is not present.

So the suggested images that my tutor recommended I consider in my feedback were :

I can understand the choice of the first image but I really don’t feel that the middle image is a decisive moment? The last image has a touch of humour which I do quite like so perhaps this could replace the image of the man taking the photograph.

Looking back through my images there are a few which I did like initially but I excluded from my final selection:

I liked that in the first two images the lady seems almost hidden against the graffiti, as if she is invisible, especially in the first image it would appear that the people taking a picture of the graffiti don’t even notice her! The last image is a little obvious but quite cute.

I think I need to view the images as a set to really get an idea of which I prefer to replace the gentleman taking the photograph. I am keeping the person glaring in my set as I felt a real connection taking this shot and I believe it meets the brief fully albeit slightly out of focus.





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