Assignment 4 re-work

I am pleased with my final selections for assignment 4 and my tutors feedback was positive, the main area that I need to refine was explaining my choices. So rather than a re-work, as I feel this is not necessary, I will aim to explain some of my choices in this assignment.

Many of the choices I made felt instinctive and I have not adequately put them into words, the first question my tutor had asked was why I have inverted the colour of my borders?

I have consistently used white borders on prints for previous assignments however this assignment differed in that I was using a plain background to my image which was either black or white. I did explore the border options but felt that if I kept all the borders to black then the white scanned images would appear to overpower those on the black backgrounds. The same is true if I had selected white borders, the black images would appear stronger. I did not want any image to ‘overpower’ another which is why I decided to invert my borders. I suppose I could have inverted them to match the backgrounds however I was concerned that this might bring to attention the difference of colour between the border black and background black , and also between the background white to the border white. I hope I am making sense at this point?

The other question I was asked is why did I choice the scanned images alongside the photographed image, and why did I choose the objects that I did?

My reason for offering up both the scanned and photographed version of an object was to highlight how different that they can look with different light sources, equally both as beautiful. The hard shells look solid and strong when photographed against the black background but suddenly look more ethereal against the white light. The reverse happens to the flowers, so majestic and beautiful when photographed, but suddenly limp and lifeless under the scanner. The hard exterior of the shells hold true throughout but the flowers are so delicate that they wither and crumple. I choose these objects as my final selection as I liked the notion of the hard versus the soft. It could almost be representative of the human race, people that are presumed hard yet with a hidden softer side and the beautiful , delicate person considered soft enough to break. Obviously we live in a modern world where this can be said of any of us regardless of sex, we are equally able to show a hard exterior as well as crumple under pressure.



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