Response to tutor feedback – Assignment 5

Phew! Great feedback from my tutor, not only on subject matter but on the presentation which included the artefacts. I am pleased that the images told the story as I had hoped and the feelings came across. I felt quite personally attached to this work so I was worried how I would feel if it wasn’t seen in the same way but I didn’t need to worry.

My tutor did pick up that I had shown the dartboard both in and out of context , a rule which I hadn’t applied elsewhere. To be honest I hadn’t noticed, I chose the dartboard instinctively but now I can see exactly what she means so I might look back and see if a better pairing could be made. I found it intriguing that he had a dartboard which is usually considered a team game or a game played with others. Another thing pointed out was why I chose three playing cards when one could have said the same, I kind of agree in that one card would be as effective however none of the cards in his flat were singular. He had vast collections of football cards and playing cards affixed to the walls along with other types. I decided to group a few rather than one because of this fact, to show he was a collector.

I also agree that the blurb book was not effective, hence why I sent it only to show other images, almost like a form of contact book, rather than as a final presentation.

I placed my final images in the box in a cellophane covering as I was aware that he artefacts might ‘dirty’ the prints. I think in order to take on board my tutors suggestion to leave them loose, I might look at adding tissue leaves or some other layering to protect them.

I clearly still need to tinker with my WordPress site, spell check and amend a few things however I am pleased that I appear to be making progress. I now need to go back to the beginning, check and double-check as well as complete the odd re-work as needed and refine my menus.

Following the feedback I also need to look at my graphic and physical presentation such as font, paper, prints etc. and make sure I apply it across all assignments so they look cohesive but at the same time clearly distinguished.


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