Response to tutor feedback – Assignment four

I was again pleased by my feedback and I feel that I am progressing even though at times I still struggle to get to grips with the technical side.

My tutor was pleased with the labelling on the prints and presentation although it was apparent they had not been laid out / viewed in the order I had intended. I did add a picture of the layout to the box but in future I need to make this clearer, perhaps more instructional.

My documenting of stages and decisions were logged in more details this time which was following feedback from assignment 3 and this was an improvement. However I agree that I need to record more about exactly why I chose the images I did and why I inverted the borders for example . Many of these decisions were instinctive but I need to ask myself why my instincts led me this way, something I need to remember to include. So again my main area of concentration / improvement is my learning log and getting it more polished as well as communicating my thought process and questioning myself more on a deeper level. I think overall I am building on this and I am starting to look at images and work in much more detail than I did at the start of this course so I am sure it will keep improving.

I don’t feel there is a need for a rework on this assignment, just brushing up on documenting my ideas, however if I did a re-work I might look the heavily cropped work that I explored. My tutor was a bit confused why I had included my 3D cut images, in future if I want to present them this way I would need to do all of them. I can understand this however my intention was to show what extension to the work I could explore, and it was an opportunity to show creativity and how I might consider an alternative way of presenting them . I was under the impression that tutors would always want the work as formal prints, these were supplied with just two additional images as 3d cut outs. So I presume from this that unless I want to layer all ten images I should exclude the 3d ones from my assessment entirely and just leave images of them on my learning log.

Onwards and upwards to assignment 5!


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