Playing with presentation

I have decided to trim all the prints as they were not quite central but I also wanted to think about how to include some of the objects from the flat, or at least the smell!

Photo 05-07-2017, 13 35 53Oops I just noticed, I laid one out upside-down!

I boxed the prints up with some of the objects and I must say after just a week the prints are taking on a bit of the whiff, but not quite enough. I could mount some of the items on mounts and backing board but I thought I would first play around with the moving box idea, after all the tenant has been moved on. It works ok but I think assessors might not really want to spend the time going through the box, but it does add an element of feeling and experiencing the objects. You get the smell as well as the understanding of just how thick the paint layers were!

Then I experimented with a book idea although I would need to present the images differently (this was just to test out the idea). I quite like this, I could even add some text if I choose to or perhaps an introduction at the beginning and a reflectional review at the end. It would mean reprinting my images but then that brings a new problem in that if I change the format from diptych’s then I need to select less.  Or if I put two images to a page or on opposite pages would this still count as a diptych? The smell is still present in the book and the layers can be touched so it does work well.

I am trying to understand my instinct to include the objects as I do not always explain my intuitive decisions. The images can stand alone as a set successfully however I want the viewer to have a piece of the experience too, if it was in a gallery I could darken the space so that the limitation of vision exists, I could add a scent to the room but without a space to orchestrate I am trying to think of ways an assessor could get that same experience. When I walked into the flat I was struck but three main things first… The décor, the smell and the darkness. I suppose as a set of images it is actually only the smell that is missing, I have tried to photograph the décor and the darkness, so now to ponder if I need to add them at all?


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