Prints have arrived!

My prints arrived in the post today and it has confirmed my decision to go with the diptych’s. The only disappointment is that they are off centre slightly, so do I trim these to centre them? They are printed 8 x 10 so there is also a lot of space top and bottom as I could not order a panoramic without going into poster size! I chose to try out DS Colour Labs and although the print quality and finish is fine I am not keen on the minute border, this could also be why I favoured the diptychs as the border was not right, with Loxley’s I specify at least half an inch.


*Note to self if I use them again instead of Loxley’s I must add my own border in light room. I wanted to try them out as the cost difference is quite noticeable.

I think as they are off centre I will trim them up, if my tutor feedback is not positive on this then I will get them reprinted and ensure they are centred. Now I just need to check my guillotine is working ok before I butcher them!



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