Well I have ordered the prints as white background diptychs to test them out, once they are tangible I might feel at ease with my choice. I have (Sneakily) also ordered just the images of the flat as my plan B. I will report back once I have held them and laid them out.

I still have this idea bobbing around in my head about presenting the objects? Placing them in a miniature removal box alongside the images, obviously this would only be the smaller items, I don’t think the OCA would be too pleased to receive a dartboard! With this presentation I am thinking it would give the sense of moving on rather than dying (which one peer reviewer seemed to think), it would also add the element of the smell.

It’s odd how I keep coming back to wanting my images to be more than sight alone, perhaps because people around me seem to all have at least one sense missing so their others are heightened. My husband cannot smell or taste, my mother cannot hear or speak, my father is going deaf with age as well as my father in law who also has diminishing eyesight.

Now , while I wait for my images, I had better return to complete the exercises in part 5 as I leapt ahead with the assignment whilst I had the opportunity.


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