Mixed response

Having asked for peer review in the forum and on the face book page I have mixed responses. Overall the comments are positive for both the images and the content, one positive is that the feeling of the person was picked up in the images of the flat and in one case they described this person (the tenant) to perfection. One negative was that the zoom images do not add anything and strangely the more I view the slide show the more I have realised I don’t need them, I had thought that they would illustrate the state of mind of the man who had lived there however I’m not sure they sit well together.

There are mixed reviews on the ‘sterile’ images, some feel that they snap them back between the images and offer a stark contrast, some don’t understand why they are there. Then there is the content of these, are the DVD titles too obvious in spelling it out to people, do they inform rather than let you make your own minds? I simply liked the irony that DVDs with titles such as these were in the tenants belongings. He didn’t actually own very much and I wanted to use the sterile images as a type of study into what his possessions said about him.


I will group the images without the sterile squares and see how they look, then I will see if I can put them in Diptychs together to see how that looks…so many options!



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