Peer review – Selections

I have not yet narrowed down my selections enough yet to get to a final 10. This is proving more difficult because I have both the images taken at the flat and the white background  / clinical images of the objects.

I thought I would look at the slide show option to see if it gave the feeling of walking through the flat, I am hoping viewers can get a sense of the person that lived there.

My next task is to put this to peer review on the forum and see what feedback I get.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One thought on “Peer review – Selections

  1. All great images. Personally – and I don’t know what your objective is, so I could be wrong or way off base here – the ones against the clean background don’t jive well for me. They seem too sterile when juxtaposed next to the ones of the apartment. There is more a sense of place in those, whereas the still life ones concentrate more on the objects.


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