Playing with crops

I wanted to see how the light-box objects looked cropped into a square, unfortunately a few items were just too rectangular and too close to crop so if I want to use these I will need to re-shoot them.

Changing the ratio to square really made such a vast difference to how I viewed them, they become impersonal and more observational. They now give the feeling of viewing ‘after the fact’ and are quite forensic…I focus on the minute details as well as the object as a whole however completely disassociated from its surroundings.

It was also useful to group them onto one page to view as despite this being a light box with consistent lighting they do vary a great deal. I am sure however that I could possibly make adjustments in light room to even them out.

They do appear to pay homage to Taryn Simons Contraband. These are my contraband, taken from the flat before it was all sent to landfill!

Now I just need to think about how the images of the flat will fit in? Do I attempt to crop them square as well or can I mix ratios?





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