Object contact sheets

I am pleased with the background consistency in these images and I prefer many of the aerial view images, they seem more clinical and abstract. The objects appear ‘clean’ against the stark white background and yet it is obvious that these objects are far from clean, this is especially noticeable in the images of the model buses. I tried stacking the DVDs as there was such a wide and varied collection, war films, comedy, chick flicks, kids films, sport … the list goes on. There was in fact 6 bin bags full of DVD’s, so I decided to focus on the titles, well I laughed out loud when I came across ‘Pitch Black’! This title once added to a few others became extremely poignant in telling the tale. I do need to re-photograph these however as I am not happy with the reflections from the DVD cases.

There are a few that need editing (these contact sheets are in their unedited state), the larger items meant that the edge of the background is visible and in some I can see where the crease runs across the background, I am sure a bit of tinkering with the heal brush will resolve this.

Considering the work I have looked at from Taryn Simons Contraband collection I am thinking that these images would look better cropped into squares, although I would have to see if I can in fact crop these successfully. That would also mean that I would need to re-look at my other images to see if they too could be cropped into a square format.

There is something about the square format that focuses your eye to the centre point and the object to be accessed, your eyes are focused and drawn exactly where they are destined, there is no edges to fight against each other which makes it feel ‘clean’. Therefore I need to consider if it would work to mix format styles as the cleanness of a square may not work with the images at the flat…more to ponder!


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