In readiness to try out my moving box idea for displaying the objects and images I have taken from / of the flat I ordered some small boxes. Excitingly these arrived today so I feel closer to making decisions on presentation.


I have also taken images today using the light box which so far seems to have kept the backgrounds consistent.

I had been exploring getting some perfume scents of tobacco and dust to add to my box but I didn’t need to worry, as soon as I opened my bag of objects the pungent smell hit me and I was immediately transported back to my first day at the flat taking photographs.

The  plan now is to organise contact sheets for the light box images,  then I need to explore wrapping and boxing the items alongside images.


Framing the objects to sit side by side with the images (Although with too much air I’m worried the smell will be lost , much to the delight of the assessors)




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