Research – Taryn Simon – Contraband

I am hoping to take my photographs today of the small number of items I removed from the flat, I am curious to see how I will view them in an isolated image and light?

Before I do this I thought I would take another quick look at the work of Taryn Simon,  in particular her Contraband series. This was a number of images that she took over a one week period at JFK airport customs of seized contraband goods. (Accessed 13.06.2017)

All of the items were photographed against a light background which remains consistent throughout her images. It is as if she is cataloguing these items, when grouped together in creates a fascinating insight into the world around us and the sheer scale of things. Over 1000 items in one week in one place! It is unsettling to imagine the scale of the problem worldwide.

Looking at the array of goods, I have noticed the DVD’s, there are now lots of these left behind at the flat as the tenant has decided he no longer wants them, I didn’t consider including them but actually they say rather a lot about a person so I might pop back.

The Plexiglas displays would also work well with my objects as I could sit the images side by side with the objects, if only these were readily available!



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