Further planning for assignment 5

Moving on from the images I have taken I also want to ‘catalogue’ some of the items I have removed from the flat. I only have a few pieces such as a piece of thick paint, the cards on the wall, a painted figure.

I am in two minds… firstly I would like to photograph them with a more clinical, clean almost forensic approach. For this I have decided it might be an idea to use a light box so that the lighting and white background is maintained the same through out. This approach is similar in style to Taryn Simon’s Contraband series where objects were photographed against plain white backgrounds.

The other idea is to simply present /frame the objects themselves, perhaps to echo the final selection of images.

I also still like the idea of making the viewer experience the senses that I did, perhaps rather than frame them to be a direct wall hanging they could be packed into a ‘miniature’ moving box and unwrapped somehow. Perhaps I could incorporate the dirty, sticky feeling I had as well as the overpowering smell of tobacco smoke, which I could still smell on me a few days later although I am sure that this was all in my mind along with the itching!

I will take the images on the plain backgrounds and then I can explore other ways to present them afterwards.


2 thoughts on “Further planning for assignment 5

    1. Thank-you Kate. I am enjoying this assignment, isn’t it interesting what hides behind a front door. I had a quick look at your FiP blog (I wish I had started with this course) I really like your homage to Taryn Simon.


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