Return visit

I returned to the flat on Thursday with the mission of collecting things, I had a plan to re-photograph some of the items in a cleaner more clinical environment. Almost like I was trying to make a forensic study of the person that lived there.

I took some more photographs as it was interesting to see it with more light due to the new windows and space now that the furniture had gone. I also took a closer look at the walls and the layers of paint. The paint which was behind the furniture and had run and provided some really abstract images which clearly showed the layers and thickness of paint he had applied. It is apparent from these images as well as previous ones of the sink that he had previously painted his entire flat red, now the predominate colour is black with yellow, fuchsia and blue added in. It sounds so colourful yet it was so dark! I almost feel like I want to connect my presentation in some way to the colour palette but I have not yet thought of a feasible way in which this could work.


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