Research – Ryan L Moule: Latent Frequencies

(Accessed 11.06.2017)

Ryan L Moule’s approach is interesting. He has captured images of buildings seemingly destined to end up in the ocean through erosion. He has captured these buildings using ‘old’ processes, by using film, but he had taken this one stage further by not ‘fixing’ the final image. This means that over time the image will darken and eventually be rendered obsolete much like the buildings he is photographing.

We rely on images to immortalise the past, we don’t need to try to remember when we have visual evidence. We also have a new throw away culture where permanence is not necessary, does this collection of images prove that we can wipe out memory by lack of permanence. The viewer of Moule’s images cannot waste viewing for the sake of it as the more exposed to light it is the more it fades therefore the viewer must rely on the permanence of his or her own memory to preserve the images that exist. I am hoping that I am making sense!

The video (Accessed 11.06.2017) on his website:

Many are hard to decipher, the images already darkened, I do however like the way my eyes almost seem to adjust to the light. This reminds me of the darkness in the flat I photographed , especially the bathroom, and how my eyes tried hard to adjust. I wish in Ryan L Moule’s images he had some wider shots or the externals and not just the internals, I would have liked to see for myself the buildings soon to be demise and how close it was.




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