Research – Leonie Hampton: In the shadow of things

Leonie Hamptons work ‘In the shadow of things’ documents her mothers OCD and hoarding and the process of dealing with it. The video starts with the hands of a woman cleaning themselves. It is mesmerizing, the detailed way of how she cleans her hands suggest she may have had a nursing background as this is very much similar to clinical hand hygiene.  The video of images then take you on a journey which appears to be very up and down and littered with what seems to be other distractions on the journey such as ill health.

It is an interesting portrayal and is extremely personal.

I have no personal connection to the tenant at the flat so I cannot make that personal connection, he was obsessive in collecting things and painting things but I don’t get the same sense portrayed in Leonie Hamptons work but perhaps this is due to the lack of personal connection.

LeonieHamptonItsotWeb08 (Accessed 10.07.2017)


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