Research – Arturas Valiauga

“To talk about life or eat a Super Big Mac layered with pulp fiction and people’s destinies. Fast food…

Don’t talk about life or just feel a part of it, to accept a stranger as one’s very own, to stay honestly individual.

During ten years the walls covered with clips from newspapers and magazines as well as candy wrappers are between silence and talking. Home becomes the map of the inside and outside world.”

Arturas Valiauga (Accessed 10.07.2017)

The Images by Arturas Valiauga are really close to my own images taken at the flat. It is clear from the intro above that Valiaguga was invited into Steppas home, in this home there appears to reside an older couple, although I am unsure if it is a younger son perhaps in the images rather than a partner. They have covered their walls in a mixture of newspaper cuttings, puzzles, photographs and adverts. It is like a shrine to the world around them and almost provides a visual history of their time.

The walls in the flat I photographed were covered in what was obviously my tenants world, football (or at least football cards), models, war, films and cars.

In Arturas Valiauga’s images he has also included the people who reside there which adds to a sense of identity, I do not have to work to picture the people in my mind as this information has been provided. Arturas title ‘ I dropped in on Steppas we talked about life’ seems to suggest a relaxed approach and a worldly-wise conversation, presumably they avidly read about the world before proudly displaying it. (Accessed 10.07.2017)

In my images (Below) It is not news articles he proudly displayed but cards, cars and model instructions:


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