Further thoughts on assignment 5

Well today has been an icky day for me, I am guessing that I might have picked up a bug during my visit, I am the only member of my family struck down! This really does bring new meaning to the term ‘suffering for your art!’. I did try to touch as little as possible and I even made a quicker departure than planned as I needed the loo and I had no intention of using the one there!

It has however given me a chance to mull things over and come up with a few ideas. Some of the tenants belongings have been boxed up today so we can see if he does in fact want them, our instruction was to simply dispose of them but he obviously loved some of these models and possessions. This will give me an opportunity to photograph them in a different location, perhaps looking almost clinical against a stark white background. Almost like an investigation into understanding this person.

The other thoughts I have had have been surrounding presentation, I have a few chain of thoughts:

  • To present the images as a book with the front door at the start, perhaps even cutting the image so the door opens. or interleaved with painted pages and playing cards etc.
  • To present them in a way that’s adds to the feeling of being there, perhaps putting the images in a packing box with some of his artefacts and adding extra senses such as making the edges of the images tacky feeling or smoke-stained. Maybe even adding the smell of stale tobacco.
  • Displaying the images attached to camo net along with football cards or playing cards maybe?
  • Or making them into a tunnel card with the doorways cut out to look through?

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