Assignment 5 -Initial shoot

Although these are my initial shots they may well be my only shots as renovations started today, I will however pop back in a few days and hopefully there will still be something left to photograph!

I am quite pleased with how some of the shots I took have turned out. Considering the problems I encountered, the first of which was the lighting; The flat had been painted in dark colours and the kitchen and bathroom had been painted predominately with black gloss paint including the glass in the windows. Despite it being midday at the time of my visit I could not see with much visibility into the rear rooms. I tried using a flash gun however this detracted from trying to show the viewer how this person had lived.

There was no electricity or heating to the property so I couldn’t add any other light source. I did have to resort to flash in the rear bathroom but I couldn’t actually see anything so I was shooting blind and just aiming my camera into the darkness. This meant that I was unable to focus , in fact the camera struggled to focus on occasions as it was so dark.

Although I had initially wanted to also photograph his heavily painted and boarded door, this had already gone. In its place was a standard white UPVC door which I was grateful for as it let in more light so I could see better and I also lifted the blinds in the front room. I did take a picture of the white UPVC door as it also highlights what can be hidden behind such a ‘normal’ exterior.

I think the images are interesting and although I felt sad that this person had been lonely I was amazed by his obsessional collections and his attention to detail.

I tried to use a slow shutter speed combined with zoom to try to show his fear of the light entering the property and also to zoom in on his obsession of particular objects. I think they have come out rather abstract with an interesting colour palette. I am hoping they may also convey to the viewer the state of his mind.





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