Research – Richard Rowlands

Since my visit today I have discovered the work of Richard Rowland’s and his Regency project. This is the closest I have found to what I am trying to achieve with this property although I want to capture the person that lived there and not just the property. There are lots of images by photographers of abandoned places yet this property was very much lived in. It was neglected however, but then I think so was the occupant. I am trying to locate a copy of the Regency project so I can review it and get inspired by it, A tad late as I have already taken over 400 images but perhaps it will highlight what I may have missed.

The website for Richard Rowlands frustratingly does not appear to work! There are only a few images available on a google image search for Richard Rowlands Regency Project (Below: Accessed 11.06.2017) :

I have ordered a second-hand copy from Amazon so I can draw inspiration from it, albeit after the event but it is always insightful to see what I could have done differently and I still have my selections to make. I like how the image of the kitchen above seems so lived in yet so dishevelled, it is actually rather nice in comparison to the dark kitchen I have just captured. The mirror looks out-of-place against the stark wall, perhaps a dresser once lived beneath it? I am drawn to the reflection of the window and up to the right hand corner at what I presume is peeling paper.

I did include the mirrors I found in my images, there was not a great deal of light so the mirrors helped to share what there was. I found more reflections in the thick gloss paint than I did mirrors.


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