Initial thoughts on assignment 5

I have been trying to think ahead on subjects I could use for assignment 5, it seems such a wide open choice.

A subject of my own choosing could be anything and my brain is busy whirring away with ideas! I do however have a favoured idea, not my typical style but the more I am thinking about it the more interested I am.

I have an opportunity this weekend to photograph someone’s home. This home is now empty as the previous resident has been moved to accommodation offering him more appropriate care. He had been living in this home for a number of years but obviously needed support. I find the way in which he lived quite emotive, it saddens me to think that people are living this way with little help or care.

We will be starting renovations to this property next week and so far each person that has visited has found the flat ‘creepy’. I have only seen pictures of it and had conversations surrounding it so I will find out myself this week how much more emotive it is in the flesh. I am hoping to tell the story of this property using photography and fingers crossed I can convey the feeling behind the images. I need to also remember to offer something new to the story in each image. I am concerned it might start looking more like a set of forensic images! Sadly I have no way of contacting the previous resident to add this to the story however I am not sure he would have been willing or in an ideal position to assist me.

My only other concern is that I will not have an opportunity to re-take this subject matter as the renovations will be in full swing or even complete! I will have to take as many images as possible and hope I have enough for a selection and options for re-working.



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