Reflection on languages of light

After some deliberation I completed assignment 4 today and it is parcelled up ready to send to my tutor. I did have a last-minute decision to make between black and white and colour however I surprised myself by choosing colour!

I felt that the pearlescent egg and the glowing shell would be lost in black and white and that surprisingly the colour did in fact add to the form and texture rather than detract from it.


Overall I am pleased with how this assignment has gone and I have learnt a great deal in the process. I feel I have a much better understanding of the exposure triangle and how to control and use light.

Light makes a huge impact to an image, and understanding the characteristics of different light sources and which to use can really make a difference to the context of an image and how it is viewed. I have also enjoyed the opportunity to experiment creatively albeit only slightly.

I not only looked at natural light and artificial light but also ambient light and the position of light, I also touched on night photography and used studio lighting.

Trying to control and balance the blacks and whites so that they appeared uniform in my images presented a new challenge and I think I almost managed it.

It was interesting to explore the change that not only light but also cropping could make to an image as my seemingly innocent subjects took on a different suggestive connotation when I played with cropping them.

I would like to experiment more with light as well as taking the opportunity to test out more creative approaches in future, and my scanner which is my new favourite thing!

My biggest difficulty was selecting my final images, this is something I continue to struggle with as I find I over think things but it was slightly quicker this time round. I am aware that many of the images taken could seem ‘commercial’ however I think that is more about the subject matter rather than the image as I have tried to approach it differently by using a variety of controlled light sources.



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