Further experiments with cropping

In my research of Edward Weston and Imogen Cunningham I did find some of their images to have a sensual, erotic feel, where the organic object imitated humans. A perfect example would be Edward Weston’s iconic pepper image that resembles two people in an embrace or the cabbage leaf that looks like long flowing hair.

I didn’t succeed in any imitations in my images however on looking through them again and cropping the images they take on a completely different point of view.

The images in their entirety are clearly of vegetables, fruits and shells etc., however once I applied a crop they take on a darker sexual, suggestive undertone which is intriguing, it just goes to demonstrate how the final crop can completely change the message of the image. It has turned my innocent mushroom (which later became a rather lovely soup) and the sea shell (which my daughter collected from the beach ) images ,that I would be happy to hang in my kitchen, into a completely different genre which I think most definitely wouldn’t be suited to a kitchen and the images can no longer be considered cliché!

Black and white, black background, Erotic Crop:

Ass 4 Sensual



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