Narrowing down the selections

I have narrowed down my images according to subject type and also left the scan images and the light box images with them. I am not very pleased with most of the scanned images apart from the flattened flowers but I have only cropped them, perhaps some adjustments might make a difference. I am planning to print these out and live with them for a few days gradually crossing off and hopefully coming up with a set.

My next dilemma is do I choose a variety of objects for my final assignment or stick to a theme? I could keep to vegetables or I could explore the inside out theme with the slices next to the object? Hmmm lots to ponder.

I love the dark inky black backgrounds contrasting with the objects but some of the images on the light box appear almost translucent which gives a completely different feel, it perfectly demonstrates the importance of light and quality / type of light in an image.



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