Shoot day

So today I have set up my ‘studio’ in my downstairs toilet / laundry, I figured I could leave it there undisturbed should I need to. If I had set up in the front room or kitchen I would have to have kept moving it out of everyone’s way.

There is a small natural window which was to the right of my set up, I then added a portaflash light to my left and one above should I need it.

I choose to set up both a white backdrop and a black backdrop of A3 card however I soon noticed that my preference was for the black card, although I took shots on both.

In total I have taken around 600 photographs today and I think I am pleased with what I have captured. I felt in control and knew how to adjust my setting to suit the light and also which angles of light I preferred. I made sure to try a variety of positions and lighting to hopefully get the perfect shot.

I tried to concentrate on getting the focus correct and I hope I have achieved this, I must say I did find it difficult at times through the viewfinder and almost impossible in live view so maybe a trip to the opticians is needed!

I also experimented after the initial shoot with using the artists light box as a source and trying to capture the inner beauty as opposed to the outer beauty. I also tried scanning the object to see if this would maintain the object’s depth or flatten it. I enjoyed experimenting more creatively.


I have one more image to take which is of the inside of the egg, my egg is currently sitting in white vinegar to dissolve its shell so that I can capture an almost translucent image… just a few days to wait.




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