Another look at Edward Weston and Imogen Cunningham

Before I continue with my assignment I wanted to look again at the images of Edward Weston and Imogen Cunningham and try to really focus on them.

The first image I have looked at more closely is ‘Cabbage leaf’ by Edward Weston. ( Accessed 17.05.17


The first thing I notice is the composition, the cabbage leaf almost fills the image. Secondly ,I am not sure what cabbage variety this is as it is not like my own savoy?, I notice the veins of the cabbage which seem to flow from the central stalk almost like hair or fabric. Although it may be just because of the time in history that this was taken I do feel that the black and white / monochrome focuses your attention to the details of the form rather than being distracted by colour. It also has a high contrast between the black / dark background and appears to be lit from one light source from above, which I presume to be artificial. It has a deep depth of field and you are drawn to the light and shade of the creases in the leaf. Interestingly the leaf is cropped so you cannot see it in its entirety.

The second image I have re-visited is Imogen Cunningham’s ‘Magnolia blossom’ (Accessed 17.05.17)

Magnolia Blossom, 1925

In this composition the entire flower fills the image ,and beyond, and I am drawn to the centre stamen of the flower and all its detail. I feel that this has been taken in natural light with each petal shaded slightly different by the light. It gives the petals a delicate almost translucent feel which is in contrast to the strong solid looking centre. The centre stamen is ornate and clearly the focus of the image. Again the monochrome colour is most likely due to the era the image was taken however I do feel that it makes me take notice of the subtleties of the light and the flower.


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