Decisions, decisions…

I have had so many ideas through out assignment 4 but I need to be realistic.

  1. My family members are not keen on being photographed so I think this idea must be ruled out.
  2. The fire station would be great but I need more time to organise this so perhaps I could save it for another assignment
  3. On reflecting back on my exercises I am not keen on the portrait images so I think the studio lighting is a no, I really don’t feel attached to it.

I am still drawn to the close up images of flowers / objects, I also liked the paper image on the light box and some of the object close-ups.

I have since looked a few more photographers that have captured plants / objects:

Kawauchi, Rinko:

Mikko Rikala: 

I particularly like the pencil sharpening’s image which could be taken in a similar way using a light box.

I also light the blur of lights which lends an abstract feel to an image , an example of this is :

Ea Vasko:

Lucia Pizzani: is a collection of images by Lucía Pizzani that document basic groceries that are needed for survival however the series of photograms make the objects more abstract than identifiable.

However I also like the look of the night-time photos of the bus stop and petrol station so I have started to research a bit more into this and photographers who have worked on something similar.

Jack Hinds 2wenty-6ix collection:

( (Accessed 14.05.17)

Is centred on bus stops, according to his website the number 26 has been a prominent number in his life and this collection is of 26 bus stops at which the number 26 stops. Each image was captured using a 1 minute exposure therefore the total collection was exposed for 26 minutes. His website cites Ed Ruscha’s Gas Station series as his inspiration along with the work of Gregory Crewdson. (Accessed 14.05.17) (Accessed 14.05.17)

I can see the collection / collecting idea born from the inspiration of Ed Rusha but the lighting being inspired by Gregory Crewdson.

Some other photographers that I have looked at in relation to the night photographs of petrol stations and bus stops are:

Astrid Jensen –

Travis Huggett –

Matt Barnes –

Ed Freeman –

Panos Kokkinias –

Sebastian Reiser –

There seems to be an affinity with photographing desolate petrol stations , even David Campany produced a photobook entitled Gasoline, although this does not show the images with as much isolation. The truth is petrol stations are rarely desolate, perhaps in the U.S or in very remote areas but then they tend to not be open 24 hours. Most petrol stations in my local area always have a car or two. Bus stops however can often be desolate unless it is rush hour / school finishing time when they become a hive of activity. Perhaps the more into London I go the busier they would be as local residents rely more on public transport. Out in suburbia most families own a car and even the local errands are conducted by car, the spread of drive-thru also highlight this. The buses are predominately full of youths or older people, the exception being the commuters getting the bus to and from the station to avoid the high cost and unpredictably of station parking!




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