Artificial lighting

Now that I seem to be mastering manual mode and adjusting shutter speed, aperture and ISO to control my histogram and the levels of black, grey and white in my images I thought I would have another go with my daughters lights.

I set it up initially in the conservatory again which is not ideal as the changes in the sunlight caused a nuisance but I did move the backdrop and one light (Less space) into my lounge and pulled down the blinds. This enabled me to get more of the shots I was hoping for, god knows what the neighbours thought…Husband at home, curtains drawn! I also experimented with close-ups of the body to try to show shape and texture using the lighting.

Overall I was fairly pleased with how it went in a very short space of time, I definitely felt more in control of my equipment.

Is it quite clear in this first set of images that although I set the lights up differently each time the natural light in the room countered it so that the actual changes are only subtle. In this environment it might have made a difference if I had used flash lighting instead of continuous. I do however like the light on the third image as it is reflected in his eyes and lights his skin.

In this second set of images ( The first line uses a soft box, the second line does not) I moved the back drop and one continuous light into my lounge and pulled down the blinds so that I had no additional light sources other than the one light. The effect is far greater and much more effective.

Low Key Portaits croppedLow Key Portaits warm cropped

In this third set of images I tried to see if the darker setting and using the one light would help to add texture and define shape which I think was successful.

Low Key Close Ups cropped


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