Response to tutor feedback – Assignment three

After a change in tutors I am pleased to have received my feedback for assignment three ‘The decisive moment’. I didn’t have any communications with my previous tutor other than emailing her to say it was done and then receiving her feedback via email. It was really helpful to have a long chat with my new tutor and to also go over feedback and critiques.

I have some tidying to do to my blog, mostly removing and rewording the OCA instructions under each heading or at least putting it in a different font. I also need to make sure that I categorize everything correctly and add pictures / links so I think I might need to plan in a few days for a WordPress ‘clean-up’.

Overall I was pleased with my feedback , it was extremely constructive, and I felt that I was on the right track, I was relieved to know that taking so many images was not considered a problem and I was already aware that my weakness is the technical side of things. It is quite a lengthy piece of feedback with lots of pointers that I must try to remember but my main aim it to concentrate on improving the technical side and focusing my images better.

It will be interesting to revisit assignments before submission with some of this feedback in mind, although I do find that everything is taking me twice as long whilst I grapple with the technical elements so I have no idea how long it will take me to do these re-works?


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