Ideas brewing

I have so many ideas starting to brew in my mind, my only stumbling block is getting my family members to be in my photos (They are very reluctant!).

I was considering the various light sources in our home and how we all use them, My son is usually lit by the glare from his computer screen as he plays the Xbox, my daughter always seeks the best natural light to do her make-up. I always light my candles of an evening to unwind, otherwise I spend most days in my conservatory which is actually my office. My husband perhaps lit by the flames from our bio fire or the BBQ? The glow from the fridge or even his bedside alarm clock?

Another idea is to visit the fire-station. I was thinking of flashing blue lights (Obviously) but perhaps combined with the water from the hoses, maybe reflections in the puddles. I doubt I will be allowed to get any flame shots so I might have to set this up at home maybe with a small bonfire? The lights in the station during the night-time, the glow from the TV room, bright lights in the locker rooms and the neon lights from tele printers. I really like this idea but it might also be something I could explore later in my course when I feel a bit more confident taking photographs in front of people I know (Apart from my husband and children).

As I only have a week and a half left before I need to print I shall have to get my skates on if I am to explore everything I want to and I need to squeeze in some more research!



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