The penny has dropped

Finally I am grasping manual mode! I think I always understood it but I was struggling to master making multiple adjustments. I just had to go back to basics and remember to count how many adjustments I made so I could make equal adjustments.

I also had to look at my camera set up and make some changes on there so that fingers crossed I shouldn’t get such high ISO’s, this can now be adjusted ONLY if I have a need.

I have a few more experiments / practice ideas I want to complete and then I will need to decide on which one to develop into my assignment.

Things still to try:

  • Photos at night though house/ shop windows or  may-be 24 hour venues
  • Night-time streets (Linked to above)
  • Low key portraits and hard lighting
  • Flower close-ups or pebbles (Using light for texture)
  • Fire station (Various light sources)
  • Shadows

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