Sally Mann

Reading through the interview between Sally Mann and Chinese photography magazine

I am struck by something Sally Mann says …

When I remember my childhood, I remember pictures of my childhood; I don’t remember actual moments. Photographs are really subversive in that way.

This is exactly how I see my childhood, I can visualise almost every photograph in my albums, occasionally I can replay snippets of a moment in my mind but mostly I see still images and remember the associated feeling that goes with it. Even memories of my own family are usually conjured as images in my mind with these occasional snippets. I even recall the images that were poorly taken and relegated to the outtakes box along with the negatives. I remember where and when and in the blurriest of images I even recall who and the story behind it. Sadly my images are now on discs or in ‘the cloud’ with chosen images printed for my wall. it makes me wonder if future generations will have the same memory response to images if they are not held in print? Will their memories be as ‘true’? With image manipulation and filters does this mean their memories will be tainted?

2017-05-05 14.47.32

My cousin Rita, her and my Aunt came to visit, she had her first car a blue mini metro. My parents were in the middle of re-turfing the garden and building a new brick wall, the missing fence was our neighbours as my dad was giving them our old fence. I must have been around 11 and I think this was taken with my first camera, a Halina telewide 110. I remember really liking Rita’s dress which I recall had gold threads running through it.

So much memory from one blurry photo! But the most interesting thing is that although this photograph was discarded I still remembered it , I could visualise it, and I knew where to look to find it.


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