After a lot of experimenting and reading today I decided to revisit my scanner to show exactly how I am feeling!…

1 (1 of 1)

I will not be beaten, I think mastering the adjustments to get the correct lighting result is proving to be my biggest challenge yet but I will stick at it with manual mode in the hope that the penny will drop.


2 thoughts on “Scanner

  1. I’ve enjoyed this last set of posts and I especially like the 2D ness of this image. My A1 is being reworked on an Alice theme and this made me think of Alice somehow. A4 was a game-changer for me, I hope you enjoy it and get something unexpected from it.


    1. Thank-you Kate, I am struggling with getting it all to click into place using manual mode. I’m much happier in shutter or aperture. Too many controls to play with haha and still undecided on what I want to expand on for my final assignment. I am still waiting for my eureka moment! I do feel however that the scanner is my new friend in this lol.


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