Exercise 4.3

Capture ‘the beauty of artificial light’ in a short sequence of shots (‘beauty’ is, of course, a subjective term). The correct white balance setting will be important; this can get tricky –but interesting – if there are mixed light sources of different colour temperatures in the same shot. You can shoot indoors or outside but the light should be ambient rather than camera flash. Add the sequence to your learning log. In your notes try to describe the difference in the quality of light from the daylight shots in Exercise 4.2.

Firstly I wanted to explore the various types of lighting available around me in my home, most of which I probably take for granted. I started by taking images of the light sources in the late afternoon with a plan to retake them later at night.

I am a bit ‘techie’ so we have some unusual light sources, a lot of our lighting is controlled by Hue and is either colour changeable or ambient so this should produce some interesting tones. I also have lots of candles and lamps dotted around as well as glass block lights which I make myself.

Not forgetting lights such as neon’s, computers and fridges, torches etc. even my car has ambient lights, I think I have just figured out why my electric bill is higher than the norm!

The main thing I have noticed from the images below, and by grouping them, is the variation in colour tones to the different light sources. It appears it would be easier to control the mood or feel of an image through the lighting chosen and as it is artificial it would be more stable than natural lighting.

Natural lighting is softer and evokes a more fragile delicate feeling.

The hue lighting is definitely more ‘creative’ and contemporary and is only useful if I wanted to add a colour hue or create something more abstract.

Candle light is warm and evokes a similar warm, cosy, romantic feeling.

Incandescent lights can be warm , romantic as well as cold and neutral depending on the shade used or as in the desk lamp not used. Without a shade the direct light source is cool but functional whereas the shades change the feel and the reflections they provide as well as the tone.

Screen glow is cold and functional and the small LEDs don’t give a large enough glow but might be used to directly add to the context of an image.

Natural light through the windows

Hue colour and ambient lighting

Candle light

Incandescent light


Neon’s, screen glow and others


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