Selection process

Wow, So I have a rather large contact sheet, 48 pages to be precise, 959 images and so the selection process begins. I have already reduced my images to 70 that I consider could possibly fit the brief now I need to refine it further to get to a maximum of 8!

My plan is to keep looking back over the 70 and to start removing the ones I get bored with or no longer hold my attention until I at least get to a final 12. I think I will then print them, as I find laying them out side by side helps. At the latter stage of this process I will look for some feedback to finalize the cull.

Sadly one of my favourite images is not as sharp as I would like but I still may consider it for my final pick.

I might have a lot of annotations to add to my contact sheet, I was going to use a bamboo tablet and pen to mark on my Jpeg file which I might do for the final 8 but I would like to some how show my selection process in its entirety so I might go back to a scrapbook like I did for my Square mile.

I better get my skates on as I am conscious that I only have a week left and I also need to get them printed in this time as well.


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