London again!

Well this was meant to be my final day trying to capture some decisive moments and fingers crossed I got a couple that work so it may well be time to start the process of selecting.  I really have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and started to get a bit more brazen and I found that I actually enjoyed it. I think I still need to practise this style more,  as well as practise more lurking on corners. I did lurk for longer today but I still found myself moving on more than I had planned as I tried to get various angles and scenes and I did take some random shots in the hope something might occur which I had promised myself I wouldn’t do but I found that a bit of desperation kicks in after a while in one place with not much happening.

I also decided not to look at any of my shots until I returned home, a bit risky but it has led to a few nice surprises and a few disappointments in equal measure. It also meant that I kept myself more observant to my surroundings although had I reviewed my images at the time I would have noticed to change my shutter speed when taking pictures of the skate boarders, I was so occupied in catching the moments that my brain didn’t quite engage (Another lesson learnt)

Overall I am happy with the ‘moments’ I have managed to capture for this assignment and I not only found it challenging but also quite funny, I do love to people watch.

My only concern is that I may need to theme my shots so that they flow as a set. Their common denominator is simply London street scenes so I’m worried it won’t look cohesive enough. I think I need to print them and see how they sit as a group and then gather some feedback on whether they fully meet the brief.

Or perhaps I could count luck as my common denominator? It would have been easier if I had chosen a particular moment to capture such as people taking selfies, eating or kissing as I could have focused more however I really wanted to explore the concept of the lucky shot when three things collide. Something of interest, composition and the button being pressed, I also wanted to capture some humour as this is something I enjoy looking at in other photographers work such as Elliott Erwitt’s. I’m not sure I captured much humour in my images but that is definitely a whole other level of luck!

It felt fast paced trying to keep my eyes open for a mountain of things: Interesting people, events likely to happen, compositions, colours, symmetry, street signs / text, graffiti, wall art …the list goes on, no wonder my day went so fast!


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