I have just been reading through my new copy of  ‘Magnum contact sheets by Thames & Hudson and I have realised I am normal! On one of the pages relating to Elliott Erwitt it quotes Elliott as saying:

It’s generally rather depressing to look at my contacts, one always has great expectations, and they are not always fulfilled. But then eventually when you get to printing them and living with them, sometimes they become better. I don’t always like to look at contacts because it’s work and you can make mistakes, but it’s part of the process. You have to do it…because very often you don’t see things the first time and you do see them the second or third time.

Another quote in the book attributed to Cartier-Bresson says:

A contact sheet is a diary of experiences, a private tool that records mistakes, missteps, dead ends – and lucky breaks.

That describes my contact sheets so far, dead ends however I am still hopeful for the lucky breaks. I am taking on board Erwitts theory to see them time and time again and strangely I have a few preferences emerging.

I have tried posting to Instagram to gain some feedback to see if people take more of a liking to particular images that I am leaning towards.

One more day of shooting left before I myself will have to get decisive!


2 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Hi Wendy, have you thought about posting your images on the Critiques board at ? Quite a few of us have done, especially for that assignment, and found that you can get a very helpful response from students at all levels and tutors. The trouble with Instagram is that it won’t show your images as a set and Instagram likes don’t necessarily indicate an image that will do well in the eyes of a tutor.


    1. Hi Kate, yes i think I might do that once I have decided on a set after this weekend. I’ve not used it yet! I agree instagram is not the best tool but it was interesting to see which ones were liked and which were not. It gave me a bit more confidence in what I might select.


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