Planning ahead

I have looked over the multitude of images I have taken on both trips to London and whilst there are a handful that I do like as a ‘decisive’ shot the most were taken in frustration and hope. The theory of being in the ‘right place at the right time’ seems to be holding true however I am also of the mind that although I took multiple shots of scenes the best ones came when I lurked around for longer. I do like to move on so that I go unnoticed but perhaps it is time to brave that fear.

My plan then for my next trip is to choose a number of spots and to linger only in those areas, hopefully I can find some spots where there is already a perfect idea for a composition and I only need to wait for someone or something to come into my frame.

My feet will certainly prefer this approach, so now I just need to plan out my locations, in the meantime I have ordered a copy of the Magnum contact sheets by Kristen Lubben as a source of inspiration into the way the perfect shot was obtained.



3 thoughts on “Planning ahead

      1. I didn’t choose street photography for my A2, I think you need really strong observation skills, plenty of time and not a small amount of luck to get a strong set. Well done for hanging in there and good luck!


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