Another London trip

So I decided to follow-up where I left off on my last trip to London to take shots. I have walked over 8 miles and even with trying to keep my eyes vigilant it has been an uninspiring day. Capturing the decisive moment really does need some luck, luck at being in the right place at the right time.

Out of frustration I found myself snapping scenes that I knew were not decisive simply  in the hope that something could occur in that fraction of a second in front of me. I found myself willing small children to fall into fountains and for pedestrians to collide as they bustled along.

I know I have a couple of shots from my previous trip that I consider to fit the ‘decisive moment’ but to get between 6-8 is proving a lot harder than I imagined!

I did also have a Walker Evans moment on the underground whilst practising again with the Nikon remote app, even their expressions are similar. It really is quite a good remote although not very fast, so far no-one has noticed the shutter noise but in terms of capturing the decisive moment it is not responsive enough. But for something like the subway pictures ,which capture people unaware, it is perfect.




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