Using signs in the decisive moment

I do like the humour sometimes delivered by street signs in an image, could these also be considered a decisive moment image? The subject would have to be in the right place for the sign to work?

I would like to say I planned for these images but in truth I only noticed the signs after I had taken the shot, but could they be considered decisive? There is a narrative that could be read into them, so perhaps?

_DSC1523‘The Moon under water’, well the boy in the red coat has certainly been under water! I am not a great fan of this image although compositionally it should work, the rule of thirds applies and the line of fountains takes you across the image to the rather wet boy in red. I just don’t like the way the back of the image is so busy.




The old man appears to be heading towards ‘Old town’! My eyes are naturally drawn from the old man to the sign because of the line of couples. He does appear to be the only singleton in the image, perhaps another nod to his age. Where is his other half of a couple?



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