Contemplating the decisive moment

The more I have been thinking about this, the more I agree with my earlier assessment that the decisive moment is the moment when the ‘action’ ,composition and photographer collide in the perfect moment. A moment that could be missed if the shots was taken just seconds later.

Many of the images I took at the weekend I think could be considered candid street photography but I have been trying to look at them critically to decide of they would come under the realm of decisive moment, which it would seem is a very different beast.



I liked the colour match of the mans yellow bowler with the train warning labels however there is nothing decisive about this shot other than I decided to take it, I could have taken it a few seconds later and it would not look much different (I was experimenting with the Nikon remote app)




I think this could be considered a decisive moment, there is a question is the air about what is going to happen, is he about to mug her? Compositionally they sit on the rule of thirds and my eye is taken around the image. First I look at the lady and her boots, I then notice the man and my eyes flick back to her bag. My eyes look down the street to the bins which adds to my sense of imminent harm. There is a narrative in the image. The truth is this was her partner and he was merely following her as she shopped in China town.



This image has the moment of action with the man splashing his friend, it is candid and there is a narrative between the men playing and the lady friend coming over but compositionally I am not so sure this one works.





I really like this image although it appears not much is happening the girls are actually waiting to cross at the crossing. I like the humour in the image of the girls symmetry not only in their clothing but in the way their legs are crossed. Behind them is the stack of symmetrical telephone boxes. It makes me wonder if they are twins. I just wish the extra people were not in the shot, I did move to a better position but by then they had uncrossed their legs and the moment was not the same, so perhaps it was decisive after all!




_DSC1801I am again drawn to the humour in this image, The old man is walking along blowing his nose just as the water-spout appears to pour onto his head. He sits on the rule of thirds so perhaps this could work although the narrative is not as strong I still think it is a decisive shot, another second later and he would not be in line with the water spout.



This image interests me, I am firstly drawn to the man in the back ground who is slightly more in focus but his gaze also draws me to the man in the forefront of the image and the way his hand appears to ‘cup’ his eye. Is he taking a picture of the man behind? I am left with an unanswered narrative and the image sits on the rule of thirds compositionally. There seems to be something dynamic between the two men in the image.


_DSC1564Again I am drawn to the humour of this image, the man appears to be taking a picture of the ladies behind! I hope they know each other? Also the mans legs mirror the A frame shape of the swings and the rule of thirds applies so compositionally it is interesting. In fact he was preparing to take a picture of his partner, she was just putting her bag down before she sat herself of the swing, moments later the shot would just be of a man taking a normal smiling picture of his partner.





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