More thoughts on the decisive moment

I have started to look at what other photographers have captured in street photography and how or if the decisive moment can been seen in the image. In doing this I came across Elliott Erwitt and I managed to get a copy of ‘Sequentially yours’. This led me to think more about the actual decisive moment and to see it as merely a snapshot from a narrative.

Erwitt tells a narrative using a sequence of photographs all shot, I feel, around what might be considered a decisive moment but taken moments apart. He answers the question of what happens next which is often left unanswered. I like the humour in his shots and I can fully understand what drew him to the scene and I feel like he has taken me on a journey with his subjects.

I would like to explore this idea further and hopefully I will come across moments such as these where I can take not only the decisive moment but the narrative of the moment as well.

I am coming to the conclusion that life is simply many decisive moments and there could be no such thing as ‘THE’ decisive moment, every second presents a new opportunity and a new moment. What a photographer may call a decisive moment really is just the second they were compelled by a moment to take the shot, we may never know if what came next or even before was more or less important.


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