Overall I am pleased with some of the images I have taken and I am pleased to have taken myself out of my comfort zone. I have been braver at taking pictures in public and of the public, although I did find it difficult to keep pace with the crowd in order to properly compose a shot. In a more relaxed crowd setting I might be able to achieve this, I also felt my best images were obtained when I had planted myself in a good fixed position or seated at a café rather than from within the crowd. I am now deciding on what choices to make as following previous feedback I have captured many more images to make selections from.

  • My initial idea of juxtaposing the Christmas revellers against the homeless did not materialise as I was so unwell during that weekend of planned shooting so I am left with different options. I feel my preference is the back of head images which really resonates with my own personal viewpoint within a crowd and the winter crowd scenes although I do also really like the selfie images.

Santa hats:

Back of heads : (My natural viewpoint)

Christmas selfie’s:

Winter crowd:

Santa by numbers:

Then I was left with a few portrait orientation images that I really liked and a few other images that tickled me but unfortunately I cannot use these as I need to keep the final set cohesive in theme and orientation.


3 thoughts on “Crowds

  1. Great mix to the set! Like the moods: calm, pensive Father Xmas through to the happy spontaneity of shot 0625, lovely; Nelson shot is captivating. Really like the back of the heads idea, great take – a real POV of the phtographer, I’d say!


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