Crowds in Rochester

Today I decided to head to the Rochester Christmas Dickens Festival to start my assignment on crowds. I have planned my theme around Christmas crowds and hope to also visit a Santa fun run, Santa Con and perhaps some general London Christmas shopping crowds.

I chose crowds as it was out of my comfort zone as I generally try not to include people in my images as well as challenging myself. Well it was certainly a challenge! I am 5ft nothing tall and after spending two hours trying to find somewhere to park I found myself buried in a colossal crowd. The biggest challenge despite my height was the volume and pace of the crowd, each time I framed a shot someone would step in and completely obscure my lens. I travelled around to find better vantage points and I think with some post cropping I may have a few viable shots, It felt very difficult to capture a perfectly framed shot or find the best view in such a fast-moving crowd. I also tried to experiment by simply shooting from my camera around my neck without looking, I hoped I might capture the feeling of being part of the crowd, I’m not so sure that this was very successful. I had also wanted to take some slow shutter speed images but sadly in this crowd that proved to be impossible.

Hopefully the Santa run tomorrow will be a better opportunity to frame my shots so that I feel more in control, I aim to arrive earlier to scope the area. If I had arrived before the crowds today I may have had an opportunity to place myself in a suitable location rather than travel along with the tide of the crowd itself.

On looking afterwards at the images taken I have noticed , disappointingly , that there is a large amount of grain on images in which I have used my zoom lens. I will try to remember to get closer rather than rely on the zoom in future.



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